Water experiences and Diving

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the water activities that we offer for you, snorkeling tours, swimming with sharks and whale watching.

Snorkeling Tours and Underwater Experiences

Free diving

Swim with sharks

  • Snorkeling with whale shark October – April
  • Snorkeling with Sea Lions September-May
  • Snorkeling with Giant Manta Rays May – August
  • Swim with mako sharks and 4 other species from January to July
  • Swim with Striped Marlin (Kajikia audax), September to December
  • Swim with Mobula May to July

Tank diving

  • Discovery. 1 theoretical lesson 1 practical
  • Open water 4 theoretical lessons 4 lessons in pool or sea 4 diving in the sea
  • Advance 5 theoretical lessons 5 dives in the sea

Diving with tank for certificates

  • Wreck diving
  • Reef diving
  • Island diving
  • Night dive
  • Diving with sea lion. February August
  • Shark Diving February-November
  • Diving with Mobula May July
  • Diving with Orca October to December and April to June

Boat Tour

  • Whale watching by season
  • Gray whale January-April
  • Blue whale January-April
  • Humpback whale December – April